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Third Sector Research Centre consultation response published

Rob Macmillan wrote, for the VSSN Steering Group… You might be aware that the VSSN Steering Group has been conducting a consultation on the potential priorities and structure of the proposed Third Sector Research Centre amongst VSSN members as reported earlier by Peter Halfpenny. The consultation took place between 22.10.07 and 11.11.07 around six key […]

VSSN plays major role in sector consultations

As might be expected, VSSN is playing a major role in current Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) consultations about the Voluntary and Community Sector. Peter Halfpenny, in his role as Chair of the VSSN Steering Group (SG), was recently invited to make a presentation to a consultation meeting about the ESRC’s Voluntary Sector Engagement […]

Hello Felix, thanks Matthew

Gareth Morgan wrote, to all VSSN members:- As you will know from announcements in the spring, VSSN went out to tender for provision of an Executive Officer role needed to support the Network. The outcome was that we entered into an agreement with the Association of University Administrators (AUA) to provide this, and Matthew McClelland […]

Subscriptions appeal launched

Gareth Morgan wrote, to all VSSN members:- As Treasurer, I would like to thank all those who have made the commitment over the last year to being formal members of VSSN and paying a subscription. It is through this support that VSSN has been able to make the strategic commitment to the Executive Officer role. […]

VSSN Treasurer awarded chair

Long-standing VSSN member, Trustee and Treasurer Gareth Morgan has been appointed to a personal chair and now has the title Professor of Charity Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. In congratulating Gareth today, Peter Halfpenny (VSSN chairperson) described this appointment as “particularly fitting and probably unique”. Gareth himself added “I think there are still only around […]

ESRC third sector website under VSSN spotlight

VSSN members have been asked to scrutinise and feed back on a new web site under development by the ESRC. Amanda Williams of ESRC’s Knowledge Transfer team wrote:- “The ESRC are in the process of developing a new website, which will have a number of different web homepages for particular audiences. I would be grateful […]