Emotion and Feelings in Voluntary Sector Work Seminars

These videos are recordings from the three VSSN-sponsored events exploring emotions and affect in the voluntary sector. Voluntary and Co-operative sector (CVC). Feelings and emotions are often cited within third sector research but often as subsidiary issues within management, resource acquisition, or community involvement. These seminars aimed to rectify this relative neglect by exploring the affective realm in theory and practice.

The three main aims of the seminar series were to:

  • Illuminate intersecting issues and insights from theory and reflective practice in the CVC and psycho-social fields
  • Understand how these two arenas may talk to, and learn from, each other
  • Encourage joint work between these two arenas involving practitioners, researchers, academics; and, where feasible, foundations, funders and policy makers.

For more information, please see Mike Aiken’s accompanying blog: