Third Sector Research Centre consultation response published

David Kane |

Rob Macmillan wrote, for the VSSN Steering Group…

You might be aware that the VSSN Steering Group has been conducting a consultation on the potential priorities and structure of the proposed Third Sector Research Centre amongst VSSN members as reported earlier by Peter Halfpenny. The consultation took place between 22.10.07 and 11.11.07 around six key questions:

1. In which areas would you say that evidence and argument on the Third Sector are strongest? In which areas are they weakest?

2. What should be the research priorities of the new Third Sector Research Centre? (Please list/outline up to three)

3. What should be the role of the centre in developing research capacity?

4. What should be the role of the centre in developing the sector’s own capacity to gather and utilise evidence?

5. How should the Third Sector Research Centre be structured?

6. Are there any other potential functions of this research centre?

You can find a copy of the synthesis of the results here (PDF format)

This has also been submitted to the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) and directly to the consultants working on the scoping phase for OTS.

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