VSSN is run largely by an elected Steering Group and Associates, mostly through voluntary effort, helped by a part-time Executive Officer.

Main contact

Ann Hindley, Executive Officer
Tel: 01724 710819
Address: VSSN Office, 11 Commonside, Crowle, North Lincolnshire DN17 4EX


Our Trustees (a.k.a. Steering Group members) and their particular areas of responsibility are as follows:-

  • Ali Body, University of Kent (Partnership events)

Alison Body is a Lecturer in Philanthropic Studies, with the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent. Previously having worked in senior management positions across the voluntary and public sector, including positions of fundraising, business management, commissioning and strategic development, she is particularly interested in the relationships between philanthropy, voluntary action, the third sector and social policy. Recently she has published work on commissioning, the role of philanthropy in education and the co-production of public services. She teaches a range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on the voluntary sector and philanthropy.

Carolyn Cordery (Treasurer) Carolyn is a Professor in Accounting at Aston University and her research focuses on voluntary sector organisations’ accounting and accountability, including charities and sports clubs. She is particularly interested in how these organisations are resourced (by donors/philanthropists, grants, contracts, volunteers, etc.) and the resource constraints that cause many of these organisations to be financially vulnerable. She recently moved from New Zealand where she was a member of the New Zealand Accounting Standards Board from 2011-2016 and New Zealand’s Lotteries Community Sector Research Committee for a similar period.

Jane Cullingworth is a third year PhD student in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research explores the relationship between the state and the third sector in Scotland with a particular focus on the impact of the sector’s active participation in governance networks such as Community Planning Partnerships. Jane’s research is rooted in her involvement in community-based organisations over the past thirty years, most of which was in Toronto, Canada.

Chris is a Research Associate at the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University. He works on a range of research and evaluation projects in the broad area of public service delivery, particularly by voluntary sector organisations. Particular research interests include the impact of state funding on charities, employment services, and social finance. Chris specialises in quantitative methods, including data visualisation, data management and econometric modelling.

  • Chris Dayson, Sheffield Hallam University (Annual Conference)

Chris Dayson is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University, where he has worked since 2008. Chris’s research focuses on the role of voluntary and community sector organisations in public service delivery, particularly around the transformation and integration agenda in local government and statutory health services. He is currently involved in a senior capacity in a range of research and evaluation projects for local and national public sector bodies, voluntary sector organisations and charitable funders. Within SHU Chris also manages the University-wide interdisciplinary Centre for Voluntary Sector Research.

  • Jon Dean, Sheffield Hallam University (Membership and external relations)

Jon Dean is senior lecturer in politics and sociology at Sheffield Hallam University. His research focuses on inequalities within the voluntary sector, particularly related to youth volunteering. He has also completed research investigating the representation of homelessness, the role of emotion in charity fundraising appeals, and the symbolic power of charity. He teaches across a range of subjects but with a focus on charity and the community sector. Much of the rest of Jon’s work focuses on critical reflexivity, and the use of creative qualitative methodologies. Jon has worked in volunteering sector in both the public and voluntary sectors.

Angela Ellis Paine is a Research Fellow at the Third Sector Research Centre of the University of Birmingham. She has been involved in research on and with the third sector for many years and her primary research interests are in volunteering and participation. She was previously director of the Institute for Volunteering Research. Further details at

  • Jurgen Grotz ,   Director of the Institute of Volunteering Research, University of East Anglia

 Jurgen is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia and the Director of the Institute of Volunteering Research there. Born in Germany in 1963, he received an MA in 1992 for work on disability in China, and a PhD in 1996 from the University of London for work on Chinese Braille. He is an academic and practitioner with 25 years’ experience of applied research, working with voluntary associations and volunteer-involving organisations, with a strong focus on participative approaches. As Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research based at the University of East Anglia, he is now in a position to support actively the endeavours of VSSN, in particular by promoting understanding of the UK voluntary sector through research and by providing a voice and a meeting place for voluntary sector researchers in the UK. He is especially interested in helping to support early career researchers and also co-developing scientifically robust ways to show the difference volunteering and volunteering research make, extending VSSN’s reach both nationally and internationally.

Vita Terry is a Senior Researcher at The Institute for Voluntary Action. Previously she worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, Open University. Her research interests are on the role of the voluntary sector delivering public service provision, especially small and medium sized organisations, and around organisational behaviour. More broadly she is interested in researching migration, integration, and issues around ethnic minority communities. Vita enjoys adopting different qualitative methods to co-produce research, including ethnography, visual methods and film-making. She has a long standing interest in volunteering, in the latter years as a trustee of a small local HIV charity and at a multi-purpose play space.

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