Call for Nominations for VSSN Steering Group and VSR Editorial Management Board

Sonia Liff |

VSSN is involved in a range of activities including day and annual conferences, maintaining and developing a website and production of the journal Voluntary Sector Review. As a volunteer-led organization, VSSN’s success relies very much on the commitment and donated time of the VSSN Steering Group and the VSR Editorial Management Board. We are now inviting self-nominations to both.
There are two separate elections (each by single transferable vote), one for the VSSN Steering Group (trustees) and one for the VSR Editorial Management Board.
There are three vacancies on the Steering Group and two on the Editorial Management Board.
Nominees must be current members of VSSN. All recent members will have been sent an email with further details.
Nomination forms can be downloaded here for the VSSN SG and the VSR EMB and must be returned by 20th October 2014.