25th June 2024 (9:30 am - 5:45 pm)

Belfast , United Kingdom

The event is free thanks to venue being made available by collaborator NICVA and catering being paid for by WISERD and Queen’s University Belfast. Online registration is required before Friday, 21 June 2024, 12:00.


The Voluntary Sector Studies Network, Volunteer Now, NICVA, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and ARC are delighted to jointly host a symposium to explore pathways to collaborating on voluntary and community sector research in Northern Ireland.

Aims of the day will include:

  • To recognise and map out the breadth of multi-disciplinary approaches to voluntary and community sector research in differing fields such as health and social care, community development, youth, environment, arts, equality, employment, sports, social enterprise, housing, and social policy.
  • To strengthen sustainable relationships between academic researchers and practitioners in the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland
  • To consider models of Voluntary Sector Research Partnerships.
  • To identify gaps and build a future research agenda for Northern Irish Voluntary and Community Sector Research.

Research within and about the voluntary and community sector springs up in many different settings and across a range of disciplines. One of the challenges faced by colleagues in Northern Ireland is to not lose past expertise on Northern Irish voluntary and community sector research, to collate existing knowledge and connect with others interested in the voluntary and community sector research.

The titles and contributors of the indicative programme overview are still being collaboratively developed. However, the structure and the underlying focus on interaction has been agreed.

Indicative Programme Overview

09:30 – 10:15  Collegiate breakfast and networking session

10:15 – 10:30  Welcomes

10:30 – 10:45 First Keynote TBC

10:45 – 11:30  Presentations on the subject ‘Why, collaborative research?’, Carl Milofsky (chair), Nick Acheson, Wendy Osborne

11:30 – 11:45   Break

11:45 – 12:30  World Café on the subject of ‘Where, collaborative research’.

12:30 – 13:15  Lunch

13:15 – 13:30  Second Keynote TBC

13:30 – 14:30  Panel session on the subject of ‘How, collaborative research’. Laurance Taggart, Dirk Schobutz

14:30 – 14:45 Break

14:45 – 15:30 Break out activity on the subject ‘Let’s get together for collaborative research’. Facilitated by Amy Sanders

15:30 – 15:45   Thank you and closing (Jurgen Grotz)

For more information and to register (before Friday, 21 June 2024, 12:00) go to: https://www.nicva.org/event/closing-the-gaps-collaborating-on-voluntary-and-community-sector-research-in-northern-ireland