Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the VSSN Executive Officer Role

David Kane |

In the early years of VSSN all activities were undertaken on a voluntary basis by the members of the Steering Group (who are the organisation’s trustees), and a few other willing helpers. However, since 2007, VSSN has created the role of Executive Officer which is provided under contract. Since 2010 the Executive Officer role has been provided by Appleby Ltd (and previously by the Association of University Administrators). However, the current contract for this work is now almost complete, and the Steering Group is inviting tenders from individuals or organisations which can take over this role and develop VSSN further for the period from 1 August 2016.

The support provided by the Executive Officer is crucial to the smooth running and success of VSSN. If you know of any individual or organisation that you believe would be suitable to provide this service do encourage them to apply.

Download the invitation to tender [PDF, 360kB] View the ITT

Tenders should be submitted by 5pm on Thursday 30 June 2016, to our Vice Chair, Angela Ellis Paine, at