New edition of Voluntary Sector Review

Mike Aiken |

Just out! The latest issue of Voluntary Sector Review. This is perhaps one of the best benefits of being a member of VSSN.

This issue has research articles covering: ‘Growing philanthropy through Collaboration: Giving circles…’ (Angela Eikenberry et al); ‘The Role of Cultural Capital in Explaining who Volunteers’ (Naomi Harflett); ‘Towards Community Engagement…’ (Gina Rossi et al); Enhancing Service Development…through do-design’ (Busayawan Lam et al).

There is a policy review by James Rees (‘New ‘new localism or the emperor’s new clothes…’), a practice paper examining ‘The BME Third Sector: marginalised and exploited’ (Mary Tilki er al).

Short of time to read a book? Read book reviews of Michael Edwards’s ‘Civil Society and the Oxford Handbook of Civil Society’ (Pete Alcock); Georgina Brewis’s ‘Social History of Student Volunteering…’ (Clare Holdsworth) and James Hinton’s ‘The Mass Observers: A history…’ (reviewed by Duncan Scott).

There’ll be more details and links on the website soon, but VSSN members will receive their copy in the post soon.

Not a member? Get your copy (as well as many other benefits) by joining today.