Recruiting a New Editor for Voluntary Sector Review

David Kane |

Voluntary Sector Review (VSR) is one of the leading journals publishing inter-disciplinary research concerning voluntary and community organisations and civil society more generally. Published by The Policy Press (TPP), VSR is sponsored by the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN). It is governed by an Editorial Management Board (EMB), which is a committee accountable to the VSSN trustees and is elected by VSSN members on an annual basis, with a rolling process of replacement. It also has an international Editorial Advisory Board comprised of leading third sector researchers from across the world. VSR publishes original research and commentary on voluntary sector issues including the nature of the sector, philanthropy and fundraising, governance, volunteering, regulation, history and other topics. It also has sections for shorter articles about policy and practice, and a book reviews section, each led by its own editor (but subject to oversight from the main editor). Articles are published from any part of the world, though VSR has a particular focus on the UK and Europe. The Editorial Management Board now seeks applications for the role of editor for the five-year period January 2014 to December 2018, in succession to the distinguished first editor, Professor Peter Halfpenny. The new editor will also serve as editor-designate for the remainder of 2013 in order to provide a period of handover. This is a voluntary role and there is no financial reward. However, VSSN and The Policy Press will ensure appropriate support is provided through a part-time editorial assistant. The editor will become an ex officio member of the EMB and a trustee of VSSN. If not already a member of VSSN, the editor will need to join. The editor will also enter into a personal contract with TPP, alongside the publishing contract between TPP and VSSN. VSR currently publishes three issues per year, and the main duties of the editor are ensuring appropriate content in each issue. This includes soliciting articles, managing the process of refereeing of articles submitted, and making final decisions on acceptance of articles for publication. The editor will ensure final articles are delivered to TPP for publication on the timescales agreed. The editor may come from any academic discipline but will have a strong track record in the field of voluntary sector research, and will have a good range of personal work published in appropriate research journals. He or she will need to be highly committed to maintaining VSR as a high quality journal publishing a wide range of research concerning the sector. Applications should be made by submission of a two page CV and a one page supporting statement explaining interest in the role to Professor Pete Alcock, Chair of the VSR EMB, not later than 31 March 2013 – e-mail If required, interviews will take place in early April. For further information on the role, please feel free to contact the present editor Peter Halfpenny at