Election to Voluntary Sector Review Editorial Management Board

David Kane |

An election will open shortly for the Voluntary Sector Review (VSR) Editorial Management Board (EMB). The Editorial Management Board is elected by VSSN members and is responsible for appointing and advising the Editorial Team, in consultation with The Policy Press (the publishers of VSR).

All VSSN members will receive an email inviting them to participate in the election and providing them with a unique link to vote online. You can read the nomination statements of those standing for election here. There are currently two vacancies for the VSR EMB which arise from the completion of elected terms of Margaret Harris and Cathy Pharoah. More information about the journal and its governance can be found here.

We received five nominations for five positions to the Steering Group (the body that runs VSSN), so there will be no election required for this body this year. Mike Aiken, Robert Dalziel, Anjelica Finnegan, Andri Soteri-Proctor and Meta Zimmeck have been elected or re-elected. Their terms of office will vary (to maintain a regular turnover of the Steering Group) but this will be decided at a later date. They will take up their positions at the AGM in December.