Election for VSSN Steering Group

David Kane |

An election will open shortly for the VSSN Steering Group (the body which runs VSSN). All VSSN members will receive an email inviting them to participate in the election and providing them with a unique link to vote online.

You can read the nomination statements of those standing for election here

There are currently three vacancies for the VSSN Steering Group which arise from the completion of elected terms of Véronique Jochum, Cathy Pharoah and Colin Rochester.

Details of existing Steering Group members and their roles.

The roles that elected members take are decided between them consensually after the election. These include: chair, secretary, web services, membership and marketing, treasurer, research directory, and the annual conference. This year, we are particularly keen to attract individuals who are interested in continuing the development of VSSN”s new website, have chairing skills and familiarity with financial reporting. This said, commitment to VSSN”s continued success is as valuable.

We received two nominations for two positions on Voluntary Sector Review Editorial Management Board so there will be no election required for this body this year. Pete Alcock and Rob Macmillan are re-appointed to this Board for a further 3 years.