New membership rates and benefits now online

David Kane |

VSSN’s new membership terms for both individual members and organisations are published live on this web site today via the ‘Join’ page in the light of the recent news about the new Journal.

At the same time a fresh statement of the benefits of membership has been published, to remind readers of the existing ways in which joining VSSN can benefit your work. These now include your subscription to the Journal, Voluntary Sector Review.

All relevant details, including revised membership leaflets for both individual and organisational members, can be found here.

See also the news about the forthcoming upgrade to the online membership directory, another significant (and growing) benefit of VSSN membership.

The above news comes alongside other announcements on VSSN’s new e-services strategy and taken together these developments amount to a “mini-makeover” to our ageing web side.

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