Interactive membership directory to replace ‘Who’s who’

David Kane |

The popular ‘Who”s who’ guide to VSSN”s members online is being phased out. At the same time VSSN”s membership directory, previously paper-based, is being modernised.

Coming soon in place of both is VSSN”s new online members directory. This will give you direct access to an online profile page showing your institution, position, research interests etc. The directory will be available to the public as a “showcase” of members” work, though only paid-up members will be able to upload. Members will also be able to interact with each other, contribute to an online forum, etc.

This move represents an initial stage in VSSN”s new 21st century e-services strategy. The new membership directory will employ social networking software (in the style of sites like MySpace, Facebook etc.) to support much more interaction than has been possible with VSSN”s e-services to date.

VSSN recognises that not all members will be ready to leap straight into the social networking era, so aims for an inclusive approach towards those who may not be comfortable with the new media. For example, a print-based version of the new directory may be considered for those relying on this medium, depending on demand.

This development is one element of VSSN’s new e-services strategy – see separate news item.

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