Constitutional amendments proposed

David Kane |

Notice of Special General Meeting – to VSSN Members Wednesday 14 May 2008 – 12:30 – 13:00 – University of the West of England, Bristol

Under the terms of clause R of the VSSN Constitution, the Secretary (Angela Ellis Paine) hereby gives notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) of VSSN Members to be held on 14 May 2008 to consider the business set out below.

1. Chair”s report2. Proposed constitutional change: Steering group terms of office – please follow this link for full details of the amendments: proposed constitutional amendment with supporting explanation etc.(PDF format)3. AOB

There will then be an opportunity for members to update each other on relevant activities.

All VSSN Members are entitled to attend and vote – any member who is not registered to attend the VSSN Day Conference that day but who wishes to attend the SGM is asked to email to confirm his/her attendance and to ask for details of the precise venue (Please make clear you are registering for the SGM only).

Non-members who are attending the seminar are welcome to stay for the SGM but are not entitled to vote.

The above document includes (at the end) notes on the rationale for this change, including:-

“The main purpose of this amendment is to create a rolling three year programme for the election of SG members. In the normal event, three members will be elected each year, to serve for three years, giving nine elected members in total (one more than at present).”

Details of the Day Conference are available here.

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