ESRC third sector website under VSSN spotlight

David Kane |

VSSN members have been asked to scrutinise and feed back on a new web site under development by the ESRC.

Amanda Williams of ESRC’s Knowledge Transfer team wrote:-

“The ESRC are in the process of developing a new website, which will have a number of different web homepages for particular audiences.

I would be grateful for any feedback you may have or your members in regard to its content; lay-out; functionality and value to the third sector.

Please be aware that this is only the first phase of development, over the summer I intend to re-write some of the content to ensure that it is more accessible to the sector (non-academic/user-friendly language).

We are also in the process of developing an engagement strategy for the Third sector, so hopefully there will be more funding opportunities and relevant activities/research available to the sector.

Please let me know if you require any further information and wish to discuss.”

Contact for further information; tel 01793 413126