VSSN achieves Charity Commission registration

David Kane |

Gareth Morgan, VSSN Treasurer and Membership Secretary, reported today that VSSN had received confirmation that it is now a registered charity – number 1114742. He continued:-

“I think this marks the completion of quite a few steps begun in 2002/03 to move VSSN on from being an informal unconstituted network to a fully recognised body with clear governance. We actually got through in 76 days – slightly under the Charity Commission’s 90 day target – with no queries at all raised on the application.

To view VSSN’s entry on the register seehttp://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/registeredcharities/factfigures.aspx?regno=1114742

So VSSN is a registered charity in England & Wales no 1114742. There is no need to give the Inland Revenue reference now we are registered with the Charity Commission. However, as we are operating UK-wide, we need to include the words ‘registered charity in England & Wales’ to avoid the need for registering also with OSCR in respect of any members and meetings in Scotland.”

Congratulations to Gareth for leading this achievement on VSSN’s behalf.