VSSN goes regional!

David Kane |

by Duncan Scott – one of VSSN’s external affairs correspondents

On April 6th 2006, the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation hosted a day seminar about research and voluntary action. The event was publicised and supported by both VSSN and ARVAC. Aside from an obvious interest in its content, VSSN members might note that nearly all the main speakers (Pete Alcock, Angela Ellis Paine, Rob Macmillan, Lynne Russell and Duncan Scott) are active members of VSSN and three are on the Steering Group!

So, even whilst workshop sessions concentrated on such familiar topics as the evaluation of urban programmes and volunteering, as well as ‘doing’ qualitative research, it was an opportunity for VSSN to make itself more widely known to a regional audience of over 50 practitioners and academics.

In addition, the words and leaflets disseminated on the day have been reinforced by short articles in the March/April issue of the GMCVO `Journal`. These are an introduction to VSSN and a note on New Researchers within the Network respectively by Rob and Angela.