Annual report published as AGM nears

David Kane |

The VSSN annual report, published today, provides an account to its members on VSSN activities 21.5.03 – 31.7.04. The following extracts give a flavour of the Steering Group’s report:-

“members… have worked hard to develop an infrastructure that is both sustainable and which will allow the organisation to grow””wesawitasimportanttoestablishanumberofkeyresources” “We want VSSN to be inclusive rather than exclusive””Onedifficultdecisionwaswhethertochargeasubscription” “a discussion list…has been a resounding success” “a website for VSSN…will add enormously to what we can offer to members and others interested in our work” “We…wanted to establish the presence of VSSN as a distinctive part of the UK research community” “We are really pleased to have been co-sponsors of the conference with NCVO for the first time in 2004” “the Steering Group has sought to build a small working balance to support the development of the Network”

All members are encouraged to read the report in full, and come to the AGM prepared to hold the Steering Group to account and help shape VSSN’s next year of development.

The annual report is to be presented during VSSN’s first Annual General Meeting, to held on 27 October in the middle of the next Day Conference. You can find full details on this Web site of:-

the AGM business including the annual report and other supporting papers online [Ed: link to be added]the Day Conference 27/10/04 including abstracts [Ed: link to be added]