Beta test version of web site in soft launch

David Kane |

Following the quarterly meeting of the VSSN Steering Group, the latest steps in the emergence of the Network’s own Web site were unveiled. Plans for the Web site had been under way since VSSN began the process of formalisation in 2002. A “beta test” version had recently been evaluated by Steering Group members, and went live for the world to see.

The organisation is committed to a relatively low-key approach to its electronic activities, though, in the interests of sustainability. As VSSN Web Officer Nick Plant explained, “the Web site will rely on voluntary effort in the immediate future so we can’t afford to be over ambitious”. Nick therefore appealed for all organisers, and as many members as possible, to contribute their own material and make suggestions on continuous improvement of the new Web site, and has designed it in order to encourage this active participation by Network members.

Meanwhile, a logo for VSSN was being sought and alternative designs evaluated.