Membership drive launched

David Kane |

Invitation to Join VSSNby Helen Cameron, VSSN Membership SecretaryMany of you will be aware that the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN) has been in the process of gentle formalisation since last May.

As a Steering Group, we have now got to the point where we wish to invite you all to become formal members of the network. At the same time we would like to encourage you to submit (or update) details of your current research so we can update the VSSN Directory.

For any research network to gain a voice and recognition, it needs to have a good proportion of its target audience signed up as members. Our ability as a Steering Group to continue the gradual process of formalisation depends upon demonstrable support. At this stage we are not asking for a subscription but if you wish to make a donation to our modest start-up funds that will be appreciated and a receipt sent.

Here you will find the text of our membership leaflet. Or to apply online please go to our Join page which includes a pro-forma for you to submit your directory entry

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me as membership secretary by e-mail at If you have any colleagues not on this list but who might be interested, please tell them.

If this invitation reaches you at a time when you are “interested but too busy”, just click on my e-mail address and say “interested”, and I will gently hassle you to join and submit a directory entry over the next couple of months.