Day Conference


Day conference December 2009

2nd December 2009

Network House, Birmingham

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thoughts on “Day Conference

  1. Pat Green says:

    As a member I used to receive daily digests. These no longer appear in my email inbox. Can you let me know why?

  2. Lindsey says:

    It sounds like a great event, and I really like the idea of finding ways to make research more accessible, and published in places not limited to academic journals.  Were there any specific suggestions made about how/where to publish more practitioner-focused research summaries?

  3. Angela Ellis Paine says:

    Hi Lindsey, Thanks for your comments and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    There was a suggestion that more (and more accessible) 2-4 page summaries of research would be helpful – similar to TSRC’s Briefing Papers (

    One of the things that VSSN are thinking about is whether we could usefully produce 2 page summaries following each of our day seminars, which focus on different topics, and which could include links to related research evidence.

    Please do share thoughts of what you think would be useful