18th May 2017

Pearce Institute, Glasgow

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The next VSSN day seminar is being hosted by colleagues from the University of Glasgow and will take place at the Pearce Institute, a community space in Govan, Glasgow.

The seminar will consider the implications of changing relationships within the UK and in the UK’s relationship with Europe for the third sector and civil society more broadly.

We are witnessing a period of significant change in geo-political relationships, driven in part by the voice of the individual citizen through referenda.  Within the United Kingdom, the notion of unity – and indeed of a kingdom – is being increasingly challenged by the momentum of devolution.  This disunity is also experienced between city and state and between large urban centres and rural areas.  Amongst these divides we are also seeing an upsurge in populist and anti-establishment movements linked to a reactionary politics of identity as citizens respond to failures in social and economic policies, with racism, xenophobia and incivility emerging (JRF, 2016).

What are the implications for the third sector of these complex political dynamics among the four nations of the United Kingdom and their future relationships with Europe, and between the citizen, conflicting civil society groups and the state?

Abstracts are available here. You can download the programme here.


10.00-10.30       Registration

10.30-10.40       Welcome and overview of the day

10.40-10.55      History of Govan – local speaker


Claire Bynner: Civilities, local hierarchies and bridging divides in a super-diverse neighbourhood

Christina McMellon/Daniela Sime: Belonging but not belonging? Central and Eastern European young people’s civil participation and use of services in the UK

Q&A / discussion on both presentations

11.55-12.20    Research updates – opportunity for sharing updates/new research/information

12.20-1.20      Lunch

1.20-2.25        SCOTTISH CONTEXT

Matthew Dutton: Third sector independence: relations with the state in an age of austerity

Katey Tabner: Community Empowerment: Understanding Scotland’s community sector in relation to wider voluntary infrastructure agencies and the policy making process.

Q&A / discussion on both presentations

2.25-3.35       UK CONTEXT

Iain Britton: Volunteering and third sector engagement in policing: A complex and confusing UK picture

2.55-3.05    Break

3.05-3.35     Gareth Morgan: Jurisdictional differences in charity regulation in the UK: Implications for a post-Brexit third sector

3.35-3.50    Panel discussion (Panellists to be confirmed)

Convergence or divergence across the UK’s third sector/civil society – and does it matter?

3.50-4.00    Close


Voluntary Sector Review special issue

Voluntary Sector Review, VSSN’s journal, is planning a special issue linked to the theme of border crossings later in the year and will welcome submission of completed papers – research, policy and practice – submitted in response to this call. The journal is free with VSSN membership – for more details see http://www.vssn.org.uk/journal/voluntary-sector-review/


Attending the event

VSSN aims to promote an understanding of the UK voluntary sector through research. The event is aimed at researchers, academics, doctoral students and practitioners in voluntary organisations or foundations interested in the UK voluntary sector. We also welcome policy makers engaged in relevant fields. We are always pleased to meet and receive contributions from colleagues in similar settings in other countries who are involved in relevant fields. The working language is English.


We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow on the 18th of May.


Bookings are closed for this event.