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Birkbeck University of London

  • Community Leadership - HE Certificate
    Department of Geography, Environment and Development. Undergraduate (level 4), Part-time. Contact Becky Briant (
  • Community Development & Public Policy - B.Sc.
    Department of Geography, Environment & Development. Full or part-time. Contact Becky Briant (
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - MSc (PG Dip, PG Cert)
    The Department of Management offer a range of post-graduate modules including Corporate Social Responsibility, Sports Management. Contact

City University London

  • Final Year Project - UG (project)
    Cass Business School. Final year project (as part of B.Sc. Management) based on consultancy for a charity or voluntary organisation.
  • Transnational Social Movements - UG (module)
    Department of International Politics. 2nd year module as part of the B.Sc. in International Politics. Contact Thomas Davies (
  • Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment - MSc (PGDip, PGCert)
    Cass Business School. PG Cert has an April start. Contact Paul Palmer ( or Ute Spittler, Charities Programme Coordinator (
  • Charity Accounting and Financial Management - MSc (PGDip)
    Cass Business School. PG Diploma has an April start. Contact Paul Palmer ( or Ute Spittler, Charities Programme Coordinator (
  • NGO Management - MSc (PGDip)
    Cass Business School. Contact Paul Palmer ( or Ute Spittler, Charities Programme Coordinator (
  • Voluntary Sector Management - MSc (PGDip)
    Cass Business School. Contact Paul Palmer ( or Ute Spittler, Charities Programme Coordinator (
  • Charity Marketing and Fundraising - MSc (PgDip)
    Cass Business School. Contact Paul Palmer ( or Ute Spittler, Charities Programme Coordinator (

Cork, Ireland, University College Cork

  • Masters in Voluntary and Community Sector Management - MA
    For those wishing to develop a career in management / coordination in the voluntary / community sector or in the public sector where the work relates to people-centred social service or community care provision. Running since 2008, it is taught one day a week over two years. Eight different departments contribute modules to the programme. Further information on this programme is available from an online prospectus (link above).

Edge Hill University

  • Third Sector Management - MSc
    Business School. Third Sector pathway on the M.Sc. Leadership and Management Development. Contact John Diamond (

Goldsmiths University of London

  • Social Entrepreneurship - MA
    Institute for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship. Contact Richard Hull (

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

  • Third Sector, NGOs, Social Policy and Development - PG (modules)
    Post-graduate modules (with international perspectives) as part of MSc Social Policy, MPA in Public Policy & Management, MPA in Public & Social Policy (and Development). Further link . Contact for Third Sector - David Lewis ( and for NGOs, Social Policy and Development - Armine Ishkanian (

London South Bank University

  • Public Administration - MPA
    Business School. Postgraduate modules in Social Enterprise; Strategic Management in Public & Not for Profit sectors.

National University of Ireland Galway

Open University

Save the Children

  • Volunteer Management and Training
    Contact Anne Layzell (

Sheffield Hallam University

  • Co-operative Leadership & Responsible Management - M.Sc.
    This degree is under development. Contact Christopher Dayson ( for further details.

St Mary's University Twickenham

Teeside University

  • Volunteering - UG (module)
    Module. Contact Victoria Bell (

University College London

  • Voluntary Organisations NGOs and the British Public 1914-1985 - UG (module)
    History module, Year 2 / 3. Contact Georgina Brewis (
  • Youth and youth movements in the modern world - UG (module)
    Institute of Education. Education module focusing on youth volunteers / activists. Contact Georgina Brewis (

University of Bath

  • Social Policy / Development Studies - UG (module)
    Department of Social & Policy Sciences. UG module on Third Sector is under development. Contact Rana Jawad ( or Ed Stevens (

University of Bedfordshire

  • Public and Voluntary Sector Management - PG (UG)
    Department of Business, Management & HRM. UG & PG module. Contact Christina Schwabenland (

University of Birmingham

  • Third Sector in Social Policy - PG
    Department of Social Policy. Contact John Mohan (

University of Brighton

  • Sports Volunteering - UG
    School of Sport and Service Management. Undergraduate Module. Contact Angela Benson (

University of East London

University of Kent

  • Philanthropic Studies - MA
    By distance learning. Contact Triona Fitton (
  • Voluntary Sector Issues - PG (modules)
    Various PG modules linked to PG programmes, including on concepts of civil society & third sector, volunteering, fundraising, philanthropy and donors. Contact programme leaders on the specialist University of Kent masters listed separately and also Beth Breeze ( in relation to modules on fundraising, philanthropy and donors.
  • The Third Sector: Charity & Social Enterprise in Modern Society - UG (module)
    Standalone undergraduate module (S0645). Contact Eddy Hogg (
  • Volunteering - Certificate
    Kent Student Certificate for Volunteering (SO670) (Platinum Award). IoF accredited. Contact Eddy Hogg (
  • Social Justice Practice - UG (module)
    Standalone undergraduate module (SO686). Contact Eddy Hogg (
  • Civil Society, NGOs and Non Profit Studies - MA
    Contact Harriet Armstrong Viner ( or Jeremy Kendall (

University of Liverpool

  • Volunteer - UG (module)
    Department of Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology. Undergraduate modules at levels 2 & 3. Contact Louise Hardwick (

University of Northampton

  • Social and Community Development - B.A.
    Modules include volunteering, faith & global communities, community development, community involvement, social change. Contact Mark Allenby ( or Victoria Boulton (

University of Roehampton

  • Voluntary Action - PG (UG) (module)
    Business School. Modules related to voluntary action including placements in voluntary organisations. Contact Steven Howlett (

University of St Andrews

University of Stirling

  • Sociology / Social Policy - B.A.
    School of Applied Social Science. Volunteering and Society (module). Contact Alisdair Rutherford (

University of Ulster

  • Voluntary Action - UG (module)
    Social Policy and Health and Social Care. Final year module. Contact Dr Markus Ketola (
  • Voluntary Action - PG (module)
    MPA programme (p/t) module. Contact Markus Ketola (

Wolverhampton University

  • Voluntary and Public Sectors: Policy and Practice - MA
    Contact Pat Green (