Voluntary volunteer management: ‘new form’ or return to the roots of voluntary action
Stuart, Joanna; Ockenden, Nick; Hill, Matthew (2011)

by Nick Ockenden, Joanna Stuart and Matthew Hill, Institute for Volunteering Research

There is a growing interest in the model of ‘voluntary volunteer management’ within volunteering. High profile organisations like the National Trust, Macmillan and the Metropolitan Police are experimenting with models of ‘voluntary volunteer management’ in which the function of supporting, coordinating and ‘managing’ volunteers is undertaken not by paid staff but by other volunteers. This paper will begin by questioning whether this is indeed a new trend or rather a return to previous models of volunteer management. In the process of answering this question a categorisation used by Stuart (2009) and Hill and Stevens (2011) will be developed to show that although ‘voluntary volunteer management’ is nothing new in small volunteer-led organisations it represents an interesting new trend in large volunteer involving organisations. Drawing on a major national survey of volunteer management in the third sector (Brewis, Hill and Stevens 2010) and IVR’s broader work with a number of organisations on this issue, the paper will conclude by exploring how this trend is likely to impact upon the increased formalisation and professionalisation of volunteer management seen over the last decade or so.

The full paper is available here (PDF).

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