Training programs for volunteer administrators in sport clubs
Oliveira, André (2007)

By André Esteves Oliveira, University of Sheffield

The growing complexity of sport is making the job of Sport Clubs’ Volunteer Sport Administrators (VSA) increasingly difficult. There might be a gap between the competencies they possess and the ones needed for the management of their organisations. In Portugal, pressures by Sport Clubs stakeholders – government agency, national associations, and city councils – have lead to the creation of several training programs.

This study analyses the training programs held in this country against the existing literature and similar programs held in other countries. The discussion is centred on promoters, participants, format (schedule, duration, content, method, trainers) and certification.

The goal is to critically reflect upon the experiences and strengthen the debate around the goals and processes of the training programs for volunteers in sport organisations.

Andre’s paper is available here (Word).

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