The volunteering experiences of Young People in Disadvantaged Areas
Davies, James (2014)

Volunteering rates are frequently reported to be lower in disadvantaged areas, inferring an additional aspect of social exclusion. But do such reports paint a misleading picture? What are the differences between young people’s formal and informal volunteering practices? Are definitional variations
concerning what constitutes volunteering the cause of low rates? How do localised cultures and norms influence participation?

This paper presents the research focus I have developed during the first year of my PhD, centred on the volunteering experiences of young people from disadvantaged areas. Of particular interest are young people’s definitions of volunteering, their routes to participation and the forms of volunteering they engage in, the benefits they enjoy and barriers they encounter. To address these issues, participants, aged 12-18, as well as adults working with young volunteers, will be recruited from three locations
in Glasgow and asked to participate in focus groups and photo
-elicitation interviews.

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