The impact of counter-terrorism regulation on charities and their governance
Dunn, Alison (2010)

Alison Dunn, Newcastle University Law School

This decade has seen a sharper regulatory focus upon anti-terrorism law and policy. Controversial legal developments have included new criminal offences and wider state and police powers. For their part, charities and other voluntary organisations have, to a degree, been caught in the regulatory cross fire; often becoming the unwitting victims of emergent policies framed for the sector but not developed from a sector perspective.

This paper will examine the development in anti-terrorism regulation from the Treasury and Home Office’s proposals to protect charities from terrorist abuse to the implementation of the Charity Commission’s anti-terrorism strategy. The paper will also consider the themes evident in the new policies, the regulatory misunderstandings of the charity sector and the lack of proportionality in governance expectations placed upon charity trustees.

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