Social Media in Third Sector Research: A Literature Review
Bürger, Tobias (2014)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and social media like Facebook or Twitter are changing the third sector. Earlier research dating back to 2000 was mainly dedicated to shedding light on the question of how ICTs “re”shape non-profit organisations (Burt and Taylor, 2000). Non-profits are faced with a growing need to apprehend and adopt new information and communication technologies (Waters, 2007). Research on social networks includes the use of Facebook to engage stake-holders (Bortree and Seltzer, 2009), the opportunity to raise money (Saxton and Wang, 2013), attract volunteers for an organisation (Zorn et al., 2013) or strengthen
public trust and support issues by using digital real-time advocacy (Guo and Saxton, 2013). Drawing on a literature review of articles published between 2007 and 2014, this paper looks at trends, developments and research gaps in third sector research on ICTs and social media in specific.

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