Revisiting advocacy by non-profit organisations
Pekkanen, Robert; Smith, Steven Rathgeb (2012)

Advocacy on behalf of citizens and communities is commonly regarded as one of the distinguishing features of non-profit organisation and can be seen as all the more important in today’s world. This article discusses the extant literature in order to provide a conceptual framework to
understand non-profit advocacy that is rooted in our understanding of non-profits as political organisations and representatives of citizen and community interests. It then reports on the findings of an extensive survey of the advocacy activities of non-profits in Washington, DC, and Seattle,
Washington, which support the theories that advocacy will be a greater feature in non-profits that are funded by government, possess sizeable resources and have a mission that is supportive of advocacy. The article concludes by discussing key implications of these findings for scholars, policy
makers and non-profit practitioners.

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