Preventing delayed transfers of care: person-centred voluntary sector services
Collis, Bryan; Robinson, Catherine; Zinovieff, Fiona (2009)

by Fiona Zinovieff, Catherine Robinson and Bryan Collis

The paper reports on a study which explored the role of two voluntary sector organisations in providing transfers of care from hospital to community based care and in the prevention of readmission to hospital. The schemes were operating in different geographical locations. Reflecting the strong person-centred approach adopted by each of the schemes, we explored the schemes’ added value both to the NHS and other commissioning organisations, statutory sector staff and service users. Adopting a case study approach we developed a detailed understanding of each of the two services, moving from a rich description of the service, through its history and development and culminating in an analysis based on the perspectives of key stakeholders. We interviewed service users, volunteers and workers, scheme managers and service commissioners and referrers. We also detailed the cost of providing the service within the context of hospital bed-days saved.

The presentation is available here (Powerpoint).

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