Non-profit sport club members: what makes them volunteer?
Hallmann, Kirstin; Dickson, Geoff (2017)

This study examines how volunteer and club characteristics impact the decision to volunteer and the time allocated to volunteering. We collected primary data from members of 15 tennis clubs in New Zealand (N = 230) and secondary data about their tennis clubs. Individual and club
characteristics impacted the decision to volunteer and how much time was allocated to volunteering. The number of members impacted volunteering negatively, as did working hours. Time spent volunteering correlated positively with the role of board/committee member, serving in other roles and
the share of junior members. Managers are encouraged to develop volunteer pathways, so that volunteers can draw on past experiences as a foundation for future roles. Welldefined, non-time-intensive and non-threatening roles will provide a foundation upon which more significant commitments
can evolve.

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