London 2012: A lasting legacy for volunteering?
Martin, Michelle (2014)

London 2012 showed the volunteers brought much more than a cost saving, they played a fundamental role in the smooth running of the event and helped create a positive atmosphere that was expected to last beyond the Games. Figures reported, highlighted an increase in 2013 of the number of people involved in volunteering following London hosting the Games.

This paper seeks to explore the impact of volunteering in London following London 2012, considering motivations to volunteer; levels of volunteering pre and post the Games; and the effect of legacy, determining if the increase is attributed to a growth in episodic volunteering or formal regular volunteering. The findings recognise the need for a balanced approach to meet the needs of the volunteers and to sustain the services and needs of the local communities. To achieve legacy for volunteering, investment is required and a co-ordinated approach to drive that forward.

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