Leader Follower Interdependency: An Exploratory Study of Leadership and Followership in the Third Sector in Scotland
Hunter, Lorna (2014)

Evidence suggests that both leaders and followers are needed for any given group or organisation to succeed. The objective of this research is to explore leader and follower behaviour in an attempt to identify if a dynamic relationship exists, in order to evidence interdependency between the two. Effective followers, it is suggested, shape productive leader behaviour whilst leaders can develop people into good followers through positive interrelationships.

Research will be conducted at organisational level in the Third Sector but it is anticipated that lessons learned could be replicated in other contexts.

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to share with conference early stage research that aims to explore and discover if an interdependent relationship can be evidenced between leaders and followers in Third Sector Organisations delivering healthcare services in Scotland and secondly; to receive feedback on how the focus of the study may be further developed.

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