Intervals: addressing misleading methods of measuring the economic value of volunteering
Vyskocil, Marek; Dostál, Jakub (2014)

There is an increasing demand for assessing the value of volunteering. This trend is connected with using of plenty of methods, offering significantly various results. Even though there are qualified estimates, there are all point estimates. These estimates are not taking into account the deviation apart from the chosen replacement wage. The article wants to emphasize, that the deviation of these estimates compared to real value, could be significant. That it is the reason why it is coming with the concept of interval representation. The interval range of the economic value of volunteering. It can help us to understand that we do not know the exact value of volunteering. The ones who are computing the point should be aware of that. Choosing the replacement wages can influence the value of volunteering significantly. The article is showing how different methods can be used, compared and how interpret theirs results.

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