Giving to development: who gives to overseas causes?
Schnepf, Sylke; Micklewright, John (2007)

By John Micklewright and Sylke V. Schnepf, University of Southampton

Donations to overseas charities are an important source of funding for development assistance from rich industrialised countries. But little is known about the nature of these donations. The literature on charitable giving focuses on total donations to all causes and does not identify separately the pattern or the determinants of giving by cause. We investigate giving to overseas causes using UK household survey microdata that record donations to different types of charity. First, we analyse the clustering of giving to different causes taking also gender differences into account. In a second step, we examine the association of giving to development with socio-economic background, including education and income. Thirdly, we investigate whether people giving to overseas causes differ in their characteristics from people donating to other causes. The analysis distinguishes between the decision to give at all and the amounts that are given.

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