Building better neighbourhoods? Insights into the contributions of local faith-based organisations
Jarvis, David; Lambie-Mumford, Hannah (2012)

This article presents practitioner-focused insights into the work of local faith-based organisations (FBOs), drawing on recent research in Oxfordshire, England. In particular, the article identifies key features relating to: the internal workings of FBOs, particularly the importance
of formalised governance structures; issues that impact on FBOs’ relationships with external partners; and the role of the wider policy context in determining how the work of these organisations, and their faith basis, are viewed and valued. The article proposes a number of ways in which local
FBOs can be supported moving forward: practitioners, policy makers and FBOs need to work together to establish foundations for productive partnership working into the future; best practice needs to be shared and support given to help FBOs to establish robust governance structures; and policy,
research and practice will all need to come to a better understanding of the distinctiveness of FBOs.

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