Are public service motivated volunteers more committed? An investigation of PSM, P-O Fit and volunteering intensity
Secchi, Davide; Homberg, Fabian; Costello, Joyce (2014)

This paper investigates the link between public service motivation (PSM) and volunteering. PSM’s core elements are the individual altruistic nature and the desire to contribute to society through service delivery. These are also potential drivers of volunteering. The study develops and empirically tests a conceptual model where PSM is antecedent to volunteering behavior. This relation is moderated by person-organization (P-O) fit, i.e. the values compatibility between an individual and an organization. Lastly, this study links motivation to behavior in order to further develop the academic conversations in PSM and volunteer motivation studies. Results showed that some PSM dimensions when moderated by specific volunteer subsets do have an impact on the intensity of volunteers’ levels of effort.

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