Anna Karenina and The Clash: Seeking alternative perspectives on the introduction of payment for boards of housing associations
Moore, Bruce (2014)

This paper adopts a ‘mash-up’ of two apparently unrelated factors to reflect the ‘chimera’ nature of housing associations as hybrid organisations. It uses these as a basis for consideration of the governance consequences arising from the introduction of pay for housing association board members.

Reference to Anna Karenina reflects the intensely human nature of governance and apparent difficulty in defining good governance, despite the ease with which governance problems appear to be recognised retrospectively. The lyrics from The Clash and “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” link to the responses of Exit, Voice and Loyalty identified by Hirschman (1970) to the occurrence of organisational problems or decline in performance.

It is not proposed that these random factors should be linked to produce an integrated solution, but rather provide the basis for new insights into alternative means by which housing association governance could be appreciated and evaluated.

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