Current position

PhD Student
University of Glasgow

Research interests

I am interested in the shifting relationship between the third sector and the state, particularly in the context of network governance and the sector's increased role in local decision-making bodies. My PhD research focuses on the role of Third Sector Interfaces (infrastructure bodies) in Community Planning Partnerships in Scotland, and considers issues of third sector representation, community voice, and sector independence. I am based at What Works Scotland, a research project between the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh seeking to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to make decisions about public service development and reform.

Other voluntary sector involvement

I have worked in the third sector for over 30 years, primarily in Toronto, Canada.  I have held a range of positions from front-line community worker to Chief Executive.  Much of my work has been with immigrants and refugees.  I am currently volunteering in a research capacity with the Scottish Refugee Council and am a Steering Group member of VSSN.