Voluntary Sector Review
Volume 12, Number 1, March 2021

Voluntary Sector Review

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Place leadership and the role of the third sector and civil society
pp. 3-12(10)
Authors: Potluka, Oto; Sancino, Alessandro; Diamond, John; Rees, James

Research Articles

Rural non-profit leaders and their (in)formal role in local development
pp. 13-39(27)
Authors: Potluka, Oto; Fanta, Petr

Essential, complex and multi-form: the local leadership of civil society from an Anglo-Italian perspective
pp. 41-58(18)
Authors: Pagani, Michela; Sancino, Alessandro; Budd, Leslie

The role of collaborative housing initiatives in public value co-creation ‐ a case study of Freiburg, Germany
pp. 59-80(22)
Authors: Dang, Lisa; Seemann, Ann-Kathrin

Voluntary ‘organic’ leadership for community resilience
pp. 81-98(18)
Author: Lough, Benjamin J.

Place leadership revisited: partnerships in environmental regeneration in North West England, 1980‐2010: a practitioner perspective
pp. 99-121(23)
Authors: Barton, Phil; Handley, John; Wilmers, Peter; Sharland, Richard; Menzies, Walter

Indiana non-profit organisations and COVID-19: impact on services, finances and staffing
pp. 123-127(5)
Authors: Grønbjerg, Kirsten A.; McAvoy, Elizabeth; Habecker, Kathryn

Migrant integration services and coping with the digital divide: challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic
pp. 129-136(8)
Author: McMullin, Caitlin

‘Uncertainty is the only certainty’: how pragmatic sociology provides a useful theoretical framework for researching the third sector during COVID-19
pp. 137-142(6)
Authors: Petzinger, Janis; Jung, Tobias; Orr, Kevin

Voluntary sector peak bodies during the COVID-19 crisis: a case study of Philanthropy Australia
pp. 143-154(12)
Authors: Seibert, Krystian; Williamson, Alexandra; Moran, Michael

Debates in Charity Law
pp. 155-157(3)
Author: Carolei, Domenico

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