Data usage policy

VSSN is not registered under the Data Protection Act, but respects in full the data usage principles enshrined in it.

We aim to adhere to best practice in the handling of any personal data supplied to us, including through your use of the online forms on this Web site or those provided for our use by third parties.

We only hold personal data about members in order to provide an effective service. We do not pass on any personal data to third parties except where clearly required for financial or regulators’ purposes such as the audit or independent examination of VSSN’s accounts, or for gift aid tax claims to the Inland Revenue.

The data passed to us via the forms on this Web site, or on paper, or via email, will be stored on computer. VSSN’s reliance on the voluntary efforts of Steering Group members means that they need to move such data from one physical location to another from time to time, via the Internet, in accordance with their various areas of responsibility. We aim to safeguard the confidentiality and security of all such data at all times, subject of course to factors outside of our own control. Some data may be held physically in territories outside UK jurisdiction.

We aim always to seek and obtain active consent before publishing information about members or others on this Web site, or in other media including the directory of members. We acknowledge with thanks the consents granted to us by you for the inclusion of material about you or your institution on this Web site, such as the links we include in the Networks section. We recognise all rights to the associated property such as institutional logos.

We respect your privacy and endeavour to ensure that our web hosting company and other service providers do the same.

Any member wishing to know more about our data usage policy and practices, or to check the data held by VSSN about her/him, is invited to contact us.