VSSN New Researchers Online Forum: 1st September 2022

VSSN New Researchers Online Forum: 1st September 2022
12:30 – 1:30pm

Following on from our first session of 2022 in May, this session will continue to offer a supportive environment for new researchers.

As always, these meetings are an informal and open space for people to bring their interests, questions, successes, and worries. You do not have to have attended any of the previous sessions to come along to this one and you also do not have to be a member of VSSN. We do encourage you to join though and you can find out more about that here.

In this meeting we’ll look ahead to the Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Research (VSVR) Conference in September and give an overview of what it’s like to attend the New Researchers sessions there.

We also plan to have some breakout groups in which attendees give a ‘three-minute pitch’ on a topic of their choosing. If you’re presenting at VSVR this can help you to refine your content and if you’re not this will be a useful exercise for any future presentations that you might give.

Structuring your ‘three-minute pitch’.

These are typically structured as an overview of your research as a whole, but you could also focus on something specific, for example your approach to data collection, analysis, or position as a researcher.

Think about:
• Your title – clear and succinct
• The focus of your research/presentation – why is this
topic/aspect important?
• Background or context – academic literature and/or practice
– what has come before your work and informed it?
• Key themes, issues, findings, or questions you might have
• Implications – for your research project or more widely for
academia (what’s your contribution?), for practice, for policy.

There is no ‘right way’ to do this so we’ll just give it a go!


• Introductions – depending on numbers we’ll also devote some
time to sharing of the good, not so good, frustrating, and
infuriating about research (20 minutes).

• An overview of the VSVR conference including how it works
and what it’s like to attend as a new researcher (5 minutes).

• The ‘three-minute pitch’ – depending on numbers we will
break into smaller groups to discuss our pitches and then
feedback to the whole (30 minutes).

• Wrap-up and what’s next (5 minutes).

Joining information

The session will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. To register please CLICK HERE.

For any further information or questions please contact: Daniel.haslam@open.ac.uk

Looking forward to seeing you at the session!

Best wishes,

VSSN New Researchers Organising Group.

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